Thursday, January 25, 2018

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PE 20/30 Schedule
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Handouts For Rule Clarifications & Etiquette
Weight Training
Wall Climbing

*** Journals and Log Books are 2 different assignments worth a combined 20% of the overall grade***

Logbooks (5% overall grade)
PE 20/30 students will be expected to do a logbook activity review for all off campus activities. Logbooks are completed in class the day following the last day at the specific off campus activity.  If not in attendance on logbook activity evaluation day it is the students responsibility to complete the logbook activity evaluation form and hand it in to their instructor within 2 weeks of the culmination of that activity.  Logbook sheets can be printed and accessed at the link listed below.

PE 20/30 Logbook Sheet

Journal (15% overall grade)
Journal assignments on specific topics will make up the remaining portion of the "Benefits of Health" grade for PE 20/30, as outlined by the course syllabus.  Journal topics will be posted on the PE 20/30 blog site according to the schedule listed below and students will have up until the due date from the blog release date to complete their journal entry.  Journals need to be answered fully and completely in detail, using proper sentence and paragraph structure.

PE 20 Journal Questions
PE 30 Journal Questions

Journal Due Dates:
Journals are due at the end of the period they are assigned.  See class schedule for due dates.